You choose how it's gonna be

I'm Michele from Brazil - Goiânia , 26 years old , makeup artist . I'm here to share some art ( illustrations , urban art , painting , drawings, digital art...) , movies ,series , games ,musics ,selfies and others things .

thatsixsixsix: Awsome blog, and yes your cute and need to post more selfies

joecato: I hate to sound like that mass of other people...but you really are exceptionally gorgeous!

Anónimo: Kik?


Anónimo: Mmmmm. You fine


chuckles318: Kik?


uncltvtd420: Oh my god im in love with your blog. Its so awesome

Awwww thank u 😘

Anónimo: omg, You're perfect. Do you have a boyfriend? Id make a great one, i swear - goatee cuddling and metal music combined! nice Blog.

Aw thank u so much . Yes I do . I’m glad you enjoyed . ^.^

this-isa-travisty: Your blog is gorgeous ma'am.

Anónimo: Can you please post more selfies and stop hoarding the cuteness? XOXO

Hahah i will :*